Working with various currencies in a Google sheet? Need to convert them into a single currency? This built-in Google Finance formula pulls real-time conversion rates from Google Finance itself, using these to convert your currencies directly, even automatically updating these conversions according to the latest rates. Keep reading to find out how you can use it.

Here is our sample data:

Here, we want to convert the data in the Amount column (all in different currencies) into Euros in Column D. The formula below identifies the currency to be converted (in Column B), sources the conversion rates from Google Finance…

What materials to use and how to study for the SAA C02 Exam

As a liberal arts student without a background in computer science, nor in cloud technology, studying and passing the Solution Architect Exam was a daunting challenge. Nevertheless, with hard work and determination, I passed the test on the first go with a top score of 890/1000. I’m here to share the materials I used to achieve this score, my reflections on the DO’S & DON’TS of studying for the exam, and my personal experience of learning about the cloud, in the hope that I can help someone else overcome this challenge too!

Materials Used:

Note: Since these are the materials…

Joey Karczewski

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